Sales & Support

Get more with a sales team that works hard for you.

Our team has three layers of support for your brand and your products.

1. Sales Force

Our sales team is the driving force for our business. When National Food Sales is selling your products, you have a group of individuals that are experienced in the retail and food service industries, with extensive knowledge of the marketplace. Our account executives maintain strong relationships with the customers they work with, and have tools and resources to overcome some of the greatest obstacles. With over 30+ years experience in this business, our sales team gets the job done.

2. Sales Support

The people that make up sales support are behind the scenes, but their work never goes unnoticed. From research to execution, our sales support plays an integral part in making our sales force successful. Whether creating marketing strategies or publicity campaigns, or checking compliance at store-level, or adding manpower at food shows, our support squad is always helping to make our sales force even stronger.

3. Customer Solutions

One of the best things about National Food Sales is that when you call us, you can always talk to a friendly voice ready to help solve any problem that may arise. Our office staff is available Monday – Friday to serve all of our customers. We make our customers needs our #1 priority, and that is why we have such an excellent customer service department on our team. Call us anytime!

Our team works hard for you.